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'Je ne sais quoi’

The term literally means ‘I don’t know what’ but is defined as a pleasing quality that cannot be exactly named or described. People often use 'Je ne sais quoi’ when they’re unsure about what they want. Whether you’re feeling this way or have envisioned everything, rest assured, we tailor everything to fit your preferences, making each event unique.

For intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we offer canapés or a buffet and specialise in anything French! For in-house celebrations, the floor is yours! Alternatively, we can come to a location of your choice.
Your celebration, your rules.

For corporate events which create discussions well into the day, explore our array of sweet and savoury options. The continental breakfast, featuring freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries, remains a favourite
among our offerings.

No matter the occasion, venue, menu, or atmosphere, we are dedicated to creating events that defy easy description, infusing each gathering with an unmistakable 'Je ne sais quoi.' Here, the uniqueness lies not in uncertainty but in the indescribable ambiance that sets your event apart, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

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What we offer


For an unforgettable start to the day, our breakfast provides the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Our breakfast options include some of our all-time favourites, such as freshly baked pastries, perfected Parisian coffee, crepes, and galettes!


For a bite-sized culinary journey, our canapés offer the perfect addition to any event. From authentic French cheeses to carefully curated charcuterie, our artisanal appetisers are sure to impress your guests. Custom nibbles to your tastes.


Crafted with your preferences in mind, our hand-selected delights guarantee a buffet experience that stands apart! Explore the world of authentic French cheeses like brie and camembert, paired perfectly with freshly baked baguettes.

Along with any special touches

Carnival style Candy Floss

Popcorn, hot from
the machine

Our traditional coffee maker

Parisian Style Hot Chocolate

Get creative with our live crepe station

Enrich your event in true Parisian style with our crepe stations! Captivate your guests with freshly made crepes, prepared right before their eyes. With this addition, you can choose from a selection of sweet crepes and galettes, offering an array of options for your guests to savour.

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